April 13, 2024

The classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro has an all carbon-fiber body thanks to the Finale speed Yukon, Oklahoma company with the amazing body of work with no compromise. This particular carbon fiber muscle 1969 Camaro was termed “the world’s first carbon fibre Camaro in 1969” and 61st out of the 69th built in 1969 was recently sold on the verge of the just concluded Barret Jackson auction in Scottsdale(Arizona) for $770,000.00 in January 2023.
One of the major benefits of a modern carbon fiber body is the fact that it opens up a range of suspension options by having both front and rear speed tech sub-frames while JRi coilover aids handling.
It took the Finale speed team more than 3,000 hours of labor to produce this gorgeous 1969 Chevrolet Camaro covered with a BASF Glasurit Clear finish to showcase the amazing craftsmanship while highlighting the exposed-weave carbon fiber body.

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Features And Description

Details they say makes the difference when it boils down to cars. The most important feature of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, which is the full carbon body;

  • ➔ is powered by numbers matching an all-aluminium 650-hp V8 engine connected to a M21 four speed manual transmission.
  • ➔ With modern LED lights installed, it also possesses a series of decorative pieces while refraining from meaningless logos.
  • ➔ It comes with 18-inch black forgeline rims with the modernised Toyo tires all around.
  • ➔ The use of Alcantara on the doors to listen and execute commands, be it to open or close the door cannot go without notice.
  • ➔ It also comes with D80 spoiler equipment and an AM radio.
  • ➔ Classic instrument gauges and Old Air Products supply the heat and air conditioning.

Looking further into the cabin,we have the Alpine head unit with mosconi five channel amplifier, focal speakers and a subwoofer for audio and with the back seat gone, there is a carbon plate with a four point roll bar occupying the space. The muscle body is engineered to original equipment specifications which inturn uses prepreg autoclave-cured carbon fiber to deliver maximum lightness while retaining rigidity and strength.

Carbon fiber body restore and modification have become popular in recent years as a means of producing stronger, lightweight cars that look vintage but offer all of the features of a modern supercars.

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