April 17, 2024

Security Account Manager is a database in Windows that houses user accounts and security data for people using your work PC. The database is launched as soon as your computer turns on automatically. SAM works with other operating systems on your computer and is found in the Windows folder inside the System 32 folder. Want to know how to download chrome on Mac? Click here..

Complete Path

To open the SAM folder, click “Start | Computer | C:\ | Windows | System32.” Go to “lsass.exe” and scroll down to see the file size. Upon double-clicking the file, a system-wide application (SAM) error message appears stating that SAM is already running on your computer. Furthermore, erasing SAM will contaminate your user account and security data, preventing Windows from loading or starting your user-account profiles.

Disabling Security Account Manager

Disabling SAM will stop other programs and services on your computer from functioning properly, so avoid doing so. SAM also approves additional procedures and services, like email and Internet functions, that require administrator-level user accounts. When SAM is disabled, it also prevents other services and processes from starting or from being informed when SAM is prepared to supply security information to services and processes that are already operating.

Windows Versions

SAM is included in Windows 8, Vista, and XP in addition to all Windows 7 versions. There are versions of Windows Server that contain the database. No human intervention is necessary because the database operates in the background.

Restoring Security Account Manager

If your work computer’s SAM file is missing or you get an error message saying SAM is corrupt, you can recover the database file using your Windows 7 installation folder or CD-ROM. Look for “lsass.exe” by opening the “i386” directory on your “C:\” drive or by inserting the Windows 7 CD-ROM. To copy a file, right-click on its name and select “Copy.” Navigate to the System32 directory in the Windows folder on your PC. To paste something, right-click on any empty space in the directory pane and select “Paste.” In order to finish installing the database, restart your computer.

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